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RGV Inter Park Meeting January 11, 2022

Posted by lemontreeestates@yahoo.com on January 14, 2022 at 4:25 PM

Lemon Tree Estates Park was contacted by Pharr South Park and asked to join several other parks to discuss problems parks share and possible solutions.  Here are the minutes from that meeting:


RGV Inter-Park Association

Introductory Meeting Minutes


Date: January 11th 2022

Time: 11:00 AM

Location: Pharr South, 1402 S. Cage Blvd. Pharr, Main Hall



Enchanted Valley Ranch, Jeff Reerdon

Fiesta Village, Greg Junker

Hidden Valley Ranch, Jim Bowans, Clara Schubout

Lemon Tree Estates, Jim Small, Juanita Small

Siesta Retirement Village, Linda Beebe

W & I Resort, Terry Varilek, Patti Harrison

Wagon City North, Art Luhrs

Pharr South, Nancy Snyder, Jim Rachwitz, Henk Sluis


Introductions where made.

A walking tour of the Pharr South common area was conducted.

The RGV Inter-Park Association operating structure was discussed, the following peramitters was agreed on:

Maximum of 10 parks in group

Meetings (2 per month Jan, Feb., March) 1 in January & April

Monthly conference calls in summer

Take turns hosting --Discuss 2 topics for next month's discussion

Have people with subject matter knowledgeable attend meeting

Members were asked to complete Board of Director form (name, phone, email) and return to Henk

Lunch was offered

A discussion of common areas of concern

Park communication Board to Residents – possible solution – develop a Text data base to send messages via phone app. – to be discussed at next meeting

Board Member retention – no Solution

Swimming Pool maintenance, saltwater verses fresh water – Solution – share names of proven pool maintenance companies’

Park rule compliance – possible solution -Ensure covenants, rules and regulation provide enforcement procedures, fine the offender(s) and add cost to annual dues.

Attorney recommendations - David Degroot/Josh Cummings

Translation of legal documents for English to second language, $1400 minimum to transfer docs - must be certified translator.

Animal control – solution to be discussed at next meeting

Meeting adjourned at 2:00pm (approx.)

Next Meeting; Hosted by:

Wagon City (North)

Art Luhrs, president




Location: 2905 N Conway Ave, Mission, TX

Date/time: Next meeting - Feb. 1st Tue. @ 3:00

Subject matter: Communication and animal control


Minutes by: Henk Sluis

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