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  1. The Architectural Control Committee, shall review and approve or disapprove all applications for work. Applications shall be submitted for any of the following:

a. Prior to start of construction of any building.

    b. Prior to placing a mobile or park model on a lot.

    c. Prior to any landscape construction including driveways, sidewalks, etc.

  1. Guidelines for submission of Architectural Permit Application. You are encouraged to review Lemon Tree Estates Covenants, By-Laws and City of Mission Code.

  2. Please contact the Architectural Control Committee if you have any questions or need assistance.

    The current Architectural Control Committee is: Rich McDaniel, Dean Mulder, Dick Seger, Larry Broll, Bob Curtis, Donna Reineke, Bob Knoke and Jim Small.

    1. 4. Use the attached sheet, to describe the work to be accomplished, to include the following:

      a. Location of construction on your lot. Show applicable dimensions, including height of structure.

      b. Indicate the specification of the improvements (i.e., concrete slab, footings, beams, etc.

      c. Show construction in relation to your lot lines and existing structures (indicate the distances).

      d. Provide any other information (drawings, sketches, etc.) that will substantiate or provide a better description of the project. If you are not doing the construction yourself include the name of the contractor in your remarks.

      e. Submit the application to the Architectural Control Committee. The application will be processed as quickly as possible. But no latter than 10 days from receive.

    1. 5. Setbacks and easement restrictions are important factors that must be followed when

      planning your project. The Committee can approve the project, however, if the project

      infringes on an easement or setbacks you are responsible to obtain a variance from the


6. Prior to construction, a building permit from the City of Mission is required.