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For Sale/Rent

Lemon Tree Estates is a 55+ Home Owners Association and is governed by Covenants and By-laws.

Please read the Covenants & Bylaws by clicking the LTE Documents tab above.

Contact Jim Small, Judy Steinbeck or email the lot information to lemontreeestates@yahoo.com  to have a lot listed.  It is not possible to list a lot yourself.

For Sale/Rent

For Rent:  Lot G-21      Open lot for RV.  Available now through December 31st, 2021  

                                       Please call: 419-733-6384

For Sale:  H-32 Open corner lot.  $15,000.  Please call:  Jose Alonzo at 956-687-3042.

For Sale:  A-4.  Call:  956-802-8476.

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